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Developer: AlexVallat

Album Art Downloader XUI

I've been working on this for a while, and I think it is time to let people start playing with it. This is a rewrite of the Album Art Downloader code, using .NET Framework 3.5.


For the graphically-minded out there, although this app isn't skinnable, the UI is all created in XAML, so if you want to grab the source and start editing the UI, please feel free. It is under the XUI folder in the SVN Repository

   * Dynamically resizeable thumbnails
   * Thumbnail information
   * Sort by Name, Size or Source
   * Filter results under or over a specified size, or by maximum results for each source
   * Substitution syntax path to save images
   * Local files search that matches save pattern
   * Enable or disable scripts from the command line
   * New strongly typed interface-based script model; write compiled scripts in any .net language
   * Backwards compatible with existing scripts
   * Backwards compatible with existing command line parameters, including old CoverDownloader parameters.
   * Analyse files to find Artists and Albums from tags, or from file and folder names, and check if album art is already present (File Browser).
   * Read your foobar2000 media library or playlists to find Artists and Albums, and check for album art (Foobar Browser)


TODO: More documentation here


To start using presets, add the placeholder %preset% anywhere within your default save path. It will automatically be there for new installations, but when upgrading it keeps your existing settings, so your current save path won't have it in there. For example, if your current save path ends Folder.%extension%, consider changing this to Folder%preset%.%extension%.

Once that placeholder is present, a drop down arrow will appear next to the save buttons in the results - click those to save the result with the %preset% placeholder substituted by one of the values listed in the menu that pops up. I've included some usual candidates (Front, Back, Inlay, etc.), but you can customise the list by clicking the "Edit Presets" item at the bottom of the menu.


Please use the SourceForge tracker system for reporting bugs.


  • Version 0.24 (2008-11-01)
    • Added a progress bar to indicate the progress of the auto-downloading of full size images
    • If the full size image for a result has not yet been downloaded, then the size of that image is displayed in grey, as it can't be confirmed as accurate (accuracy will depend on the source)
    • Images of Unknown size are now always included, regardless of size filtering settings.
    • Fixed a couple of problems with image size changes introduced by previous release.
    • Window size and position settings should no longer be lost on upgrade.
    • Sort arrow direction reversed, to match more common convention.
    • Increased the distance the mouse must be dragged in order to start a drag of a result, in order to avoid accidental drags when trying to just preview the image
    • After showing a popup preview, if the image being previewed has scrolled out of view, it is now automatically scrolled back into view.
    • Fixed bug where the information labels would re-appear when the thumbnail has been resized such that they should not be visible.
    • Fixed bug where "Stop All" would not appear when adding or removing sources from a search
    • Fixed bug where, in rare circumstances, you may get one more result from a source than the limit specified.
    • Added Compatibility Mode warning for pre-SP1 framework version, and fixed bug where list would not refresh properly under pre-SP1. **Updated all links to download the framework to point to the SP1 version.
    • Fixed bug where Save As would not apply the default file extension correctly
    • Fixed bug where if the popup preview were too large to fit on the screen, the bottom of the cover may be cropped off.
    • Added scripts for and CDCoverHideout
  • Version 0.23 (2008-10-18)
    • Added reporting of the Cover Type (Front, Back, CD, Inlay) for results.
    • Added drag and drop of results into explorer windows.
    • Fixed bug where file and foobar browsers would not refresh image status after searching for artwork for a multiple selection.
    • Fixed bug where the order of columns in the file and foobar browsers would not be persisted correctly.
    • Updated to latest version of Boo (for scripts)
    • Replaced FreeCovers script with new version that uses the API
    • Added DarkTown, LastFM (covers) and AllCdCover scripts
  • Version 0.22 (2008-08-17)
    • Added the long-awaited Presets system.
  • Version 0.21 (2008-07-21)
    • If the existing search window is re-used for a new search, it is now brought to the foreground.
    • When the thumbnail information is displayed below the thumbnail, the info button no longer overlaps the button to toggle the information to display to the side.
    • Fixed bug where if a search initiated from the file browser was queued, it would have the wrong path to save images to popuplated.
    • Removed artists.trivialbeing script, and replaced it with LastFM Artist.
  • Version 0.20 (2008-07-12)
    • Added a Folder column to File/Foobar browsers (hidden by default)
    • Added the ability to hide and show columns in the File/Foobar browser. Right click on any column header to hide or show a column.
      • File/Foobar columns visibility and widths are now persisted.
    • Window size and position settings now behave more like other settings in the way they are applied to new windows.
    • Current settings are now applied to queued search windows as they are dequeued, rather than enqueued.
    • Fixed crash in command line version when album or artist was not supplied
    • Added "Forum" and "Donations" links to Help menu. If the donations menu entry is aesthetically or philosophically objectionable to you, highlight it and click the Delete key to remove it.
    • AlbumArtExchange script updated to use XML API.
    • Cover-Paradies script fixed
  • Version 0.19 (2008-05-23)
    • Search results grouping (by source, or by local / online results).
    • File and Foobar browsers now support multiple alternates (separated by a "|") for image path searching.
    • Added the ability to the File Browser path pattern matching function to specify the path should match folders rather than files (by ending the pattern with "\.")
    • Delete key now removes items from history lists.
    • Changed Local Files Source settings so that a path is always set, but added new "%folder%" and "%filename%" placeholders to it, which produce the folder and filename of the specified default path to save images.
    • Improvements to the generation of the default filename to save to when launching from file and Foobar browsers.
    • File path pattern matching box history list fixed
    • Some keyboard accessibility bugs fixed
  • Version 0.18 (2008-04-27)
    • Added extra information link to results (where provided by the script)
    • Added installer option to add a "Browse for Album Art" to the context menu for folders in Explorer.
    • Installer bug fixes
  • Version 0.17 (2008-04-19)
    • Fixed memory leak when closing search windows
    • Various performance and responsiveness improvements
    • Added /minAspect parameter to command line interface
    • Fixed GoogleImage and Coveralia scripts
    • Upgraded to MediaInfo version
  • Version 0.16 (2008-04-06)
    • Better handling of file path errors when searching for files
    • Fixed strange MakeSafeForPath crash
    • Added detection for missing .net 3.5 framework at application startup
    • Added Album Art Exchange script
  • Version 0.15 (2008-03-24)
    • Fixed bug with images whose formats can not be determined
    • Artist and Album text boxes now select their contents when tabbed to
    • Added Copy command to context menu for album art results
    • Better reporting of MediaInfo x86/x64 compatibility issues
    • Upgraded to MediaInfo version
    • Fixed bug where closing foobar browser without com automation server installed would cause a crash.
    • Improved single instance mechanism robustness
    • Refactored Amazon scripts into one common script and several optional regional variations (.com,, .jp, etc...)
  • Version 0.14 (2008-02-22)
    • Fixed bug with paths with {} characters
    • Characters which can not be part of filenames are now automatically replaced by underscores when substituting placeholders.
    • Added Playlist selector to Foobar browser
    • Added option to determine artist and album by path pattern instead of ID3 tags in the file browser
    • Fixed bug when closing a prior instance while a new one was starting up
  • Version 0.13 (2008-02-10)
    • Changed foobar browser to use %album artist% instead of %artist%
    • Fixed bug with parameter values starting with -
    • Upgraded to MediaInfo version
    • Fixed rare GUI freezing bug
    • Fixed minor uninstaller bug (not removing aad.exe cached script file)
  • Version 0.12 (2008-01-27)
    • Upgraded to .NET Framework 3.5
    • Added queue length indication to Queue Manager
    • Added /minSize and /maxSize parameters to control image size filtering
    • Fixed bug where multiple identical un-named parameters would be ignored
    • Added command line interface (aad.exe)
  • Version 0.11 (2008-01-20)
    • Upgraded to MediaInfo version
    • Added /separateInstance parameter, for optional prevention of the single instance behaviour. Use of this parameter is not generally recommended.
    • Added ability to remove items from the File/Foobar browser using the Delete key
    • Added art file size column to File/Foobar browser
    • Added background colouring to the File/Foobar browser rows to help indicate artwork status (missing gives a red highlight, present gives green)
    • Added the ability to view the results unsorted (in the order in which they are found)
    • Fixed bug where local files search would not be searching the right location when the search window was launched from the file or foobar browser.
    • Fixed bug where the default save path would be populated with wildcards from the file or foobar browser.
    • Fixed scripts: Coveralia, CoverIsland
  • Version 0.10
    • Added workaround for mediainfo bug with FLAC tag casing
    • Failing to save settings will no longer crash
    • Failing to load settings will no longer crash, and will provide options for recovery
    • Fixed bug where invalid characters in the Save path would cause a crash
    • Version and Author information for sources no longer widens the source list, instead it overflows with a tooltip when it won't fit.
  • Version 0.9 (2007-09-11)
    • Added iTunes Music Shop search script, and included ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll which is required by it.
  • Version 0.9 (2007-09-09)
    • Added Foobar2000 library browser
    • Persistent Preview window (right click on a result and choose "Preview...")
    • Improved performance of search results thumbnails list
    • Improved handling of larger-than-screen preview popups
    • Fixed Coveralia and Yes24 scripts which had become out of date
    • Updated to version of the MediaInfo tag reading library
    • Added command line parameter for setting the sorting to use for results
    • All sources now limit the results returned to the first 10 by default (click the ... at the bottom right of a source to adjust or remove this limit for a source)
    • Fixed bug where all windows would share a single remembered size, so windows of different types now remember their size independently.
    • Added re-use of existing search window from the command line, if "Open Results in New Window" option is turned off, and there is only one search window currently open, and search terms are passed on the command line.
  • Version 0.8 (2007-07-28)
    • Added Drag and Drop support to drop files and folders on to the File Browser window
    • Cancel All button in Queue Manager window
    • Warning added, if queueing large number of searches from the File Browser
    • Added ability to force a queued search to start immediately, by double clicking it.
  • Version 0.7 (2007-07-15)
    • Stability improvements:
      • Plugged some memory leaks
      • Updated to version of the MediaInfo tag reading library
  • Version 0.6 (2007-06-10)
    • Basic Search Queueing system added
    • Script Cache DLL creation made compatible with running without admin privileges on Vista
    • Fixed bug where the same path would be used for all search windows when opening multiple search windows from the file browser.
  • Version 0.5 (2007-05-27)
    • Added File Browser
    • Added Single-Instance behaviour. Only one instance of the application will now be allowed to run (others will have their command line parameters passed on to the first for execution).
    • Added Window list menu.
    • Added FreeCovers script, and updated Google script
    • Improved detection of changed scripts for recreating the script cache
  • Version 0.4 (2007-04-27)
    • Local Files Source now has the ability to specify the path to search for images in separately to the path to save images in. Set this either in the Local Files Source settings, or using the /localImagesPath command line parameter.
    • Experimental authenticating proxy support (undocumented feature)
  • Version 0.3 (2007-04-09)
    • Stability improvements:
      • Stop All should not cause the app to become unresponsive
      • Fixed bug where app could hang while previewing during a search
    • If a search is performed for the same album and artist, but with different sources, a minimal search is now performed where only the newly selected sources are queried, and the existing results are kept in the same window.
    • Added better error reporting. If a crash occurs, an errorlog.txt file will be produced.
  • Version 0.2 (2007-03-31)
    • Added "Stop All" button
    • Added ability to toggle display of thumbnail information to go below the thumbnail
    • Enhanced auto download of full size images to give the options: Always, Never, and Only For Unknown Size
    • Added an optional Maximum Image size restriction
    • Fixed bug where Local Files source would lock the files it found, preventing them from being replaced
    • Added checkbox for setting AutoClose behaviour in the UI.
    • Added option to disable AutoClose behaviour from the command line: "/autoclose off"
    • Added option to restrict the maximum number of results to return per source
  • Version 0.1 (2007-03-12)
    • Initial Preview Release


The latest releases can be found on the SourceForge download page

Alternatively, the following links should be kept up to date to redirect to download the latest version:

If you are running a 64 bit version of windows, then you will need the 64 bit version of the MediaInfo dll in order to use File Browser functionality. An installer which will put this in the Album Art Downloader XUI program folder is provided here:

Required libraries