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An APE tag item key is a key for accessing special meta-information in an audio file.

Member of APE Tag Item.

APE tag item keys can have a length of 2 (including) up to 255 (including) characters in the range from 0x20 (Space) until 0x7E (Tilde).

Typical keys should have a length of 2 ... 16 characters using the following characters:
Space (0x20), Slash (0x2F), Digits (0x30...0x39), Letters (0x41...0x5A, 0x61...0x7A).

Values can contain binary data, a value or a list of values. See here.
List of values can be mixed, i.e. contain UTF-8 strings and external references
beginning with file://..., http://www..., ftp://ftp....

Not allowed are the following keys: ID3, TAG, OggS and MP+.

Currently the following keys are defined:



Recommended format of value


Music Piece Title
Music Work

UTF-8 string
Subtitle Title when TITLE contains the work or additional sub title UTF-8 string

Performing artist
List of Performing Artists

UTF-8 string
List of UTF-8 strings

Album Album name UTF-8 string
Debut album Debut album name UTF-8 string
Publisher Record label or publisher UTF-8 string
Conductor Conductor UTF-8 string

Track Number
Track Number/Total Tracks Number



Name of the original composer
Name of the original arranger

UTF-8 string
List of UTF-8 strings

Comment User comment(s)

UTF-8 string
List of UTF-8 strings
List of Links

Copyright Copyright holder

UTF-8 string
List of UTF-8 strings