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Software Needed[edit]



  • This guide assumes that you have already downloaded and installed Windows Media Player and WMPTSE.
  • This guide pictures are taken from WMP v9.0 but are valid for newer version.
  • In this guide, we will be adding an APEv2 tagging to our MediaLibrary .pnge files (supposedly png file with APE tag at the end).

The pnge format being a container format, our tag binary data will not be interpreted by the pnge readers, saving us the trouble.

But beware if you add tagging support for non-container file types (.txt, .bin, .dat, etc...), you'll end up with a corrupted file.

Because WMP v9 is very restrictive on the filetype you can add in Media Library, we made up the 'pnge' file format. But with WMP10 and WMP11 you should simply tag 'png' files to verify


  • Launch Windows Media Player.

  • Click Add Support button, the "Add Tag support" propery page is displayed :

  • Choose the tag type to add in the list (here we choose APE)

  • Type filetype (just the extension) to add support to (here we type png)

  • We want to be sure that WMP will support our filetype, so we click on Check support

If the filetype is not already supported by the Media Library, WMPTSE ask to confirm adding it


If the filetype is not available for normal user, WMPTSE ask to confirm adding support for normal users


  • After agreeing to reboot WMP, click on the ... button, at the end of the 'Tag Support DLL file path' line

  • Now is an important part, you have to choose the tag support DLL to use.

First, browse the directories where the tag support dll is stored.


Next, choose the right tag support dll and click open

By default, WMPTSE is distributed with support for APE (APETagSupport.dll), MPEG4 (MPEG4TagSupport.dll), 
FLAC (FLACTagSupport.dll) and Vorbis (VorbisTagSupport.dll).
WMPTSE will only accept dll which support WMPTSE API. 
More preciselly, by choosing the tag type in the third step of this tutorial, you have fixed the tag support API 
function name WMPTSE will search. 
WMPTSE will alert you if the dll is not compatible with the tag support you choose.

  • You're now ready to add support for your new filetype, just click Add

  • The filetype is displayed in the tag support list on the WMPTSE propery page
WMPTSE2 ET10.png

Addtional Reading[edit]