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Oggenc is the official (Ogg) Vorbis encoder by the Xiph.org Foundation. Is is part of vorbis-tools.

Oggenc2 is an enhanced version of oggenc developed by John33. Features compression from lossless files (Monkeys Audio, LPAC, FLAC, OptimFROG, WavPack and Shorten - requires presence of decoders), and the ability to specify 'padding' in the headers for subsequent insertion of Tags.

Download here

BlackSword (of the Ogg Vorbis Acceleration Project) has created a highly-optimized version of Oggenc2 as part of his Lancer suite.


  • GPL

Supported systems:

  • Windows
  • Posix


Most of the time, Oggenc may be replaced by Oggenc2, as the latter recognizes the former's switches.

If the application that uses Oggenc is hard-coded to find "oggenc.exe" (or its equivalent in *nix), you can simply rename "oggenc2.exe" to "oggenc.exe" and overwrite the original "oggenc.exe".