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Developer(s) Ventis Media, Inc.
Release information
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Stable release
Preview release
Operating system Windows
Additional information
Use Music Organizer, Mass Tagger, Media Player, Burning Media, Portable Player Synchronizing
License Freeware, Proprietary

MediaMonkey is a Windows-based media player/library, with built-in file tagger & organizer, Audio CD ripper/burner (limited speed on free version), Data CD burner (also limited speed on free version), transcoding tool, ReplayGain tool, and lots others, all in an integrated user interface natively themed as a (skinnable) media library.

It maintains its library in a database that is compatible with Microsoft Access database format, and as such, the database entries can be changed by using Access or other compatible programs. However, it also stores most of its information into the media files' tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comment, WMA, APEv2, WAV and AAC tags are supported), thus ensuring usability with other media players.

MediaMonkey also provides auto-tagging/auto-renaming support, in which tag information are deduced from file's path and name (or alternatively through Amazon which support tagging/adding Album Art), or reversely, renaming (and relocating) files based on their tag or path information.

Finally, MediaMonkey also support integration with various portable DAPs, including Apple iPod, iRiver, and Creative Labs devices. Latest MediaMonkey 3.2 added support for Palm Pre

Supported Formats

Additional formats may be supported through Winamp input plugins (see below)


MediaMonkey supports most Winamp's input, output, DSP, general, and visualization plugins.

In addition, MediaMonkey provides scripting interfaces, so it is scriptable (built-in support for JavaScript/VB Script) and also controllable by external applications (through Winamp Compatible Messages or OLE Automatization Server/COM+).

Finally, MediaMonkey is skinnable. Many MediaMonkey users have developed various skins for it, which you can find in the MediaMonkey Wiki.


The free (Standard) version, is available for free with some restrictions .

The Gold version – The Gold Edtions bring you additional features which you are required to buy a Gold Licence.

Please read MediaMonkey Gold - Lifetime License and pricing in your Country.

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