Foobar2000:Components/File Integrity Verifier (foo verifier)

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This download checks specified media files for decoding errors. Also checks and displays MD5 and CRC32 values on some formats.


After installing this Verifier plugin as advised in the general instructions, create a playlist via options in the File menu pick. For example, the Add Folder option is capable of scanning entire drives, seeking audio files in a variety of formats. That Processing phase can take quite a while; saving the resulting playlist is advised.

Once the playlist is complete, consider the option of turning on Verbose AccurateRip Output via File > Preferences > Advanced > Tools > File Integrity Verifier. Note that other Advanced options may affect development and use of the playlist.

To proceed with verification, select the files to be verified. For this purpose, the Ctrl-A, Shift-click, and Ctrl-click options do operate as Windows users might expect. Then right-click on the selected files and select Utilities > Verify Integrity.