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Waveform Minibar (mod) is a seekbar that shows the waveform of the track. It is heavily based on the Waveform Seekbar component.

Scanned waveforms for tracks in the media library are stored in "minibar.db" inside the foobar2000 profile directory. Waveforms for tracks outside the media library are only cached temporarily in memory.

Versions for both foobar2000 1.4 and 1.3 are currently available.

Database location[edit]

In a standard installation, the "minibar.db" database file can be found in the user's "AppData\Roaming" folder:


For portable installations, the file is located in the same folder as "foobar2000.exe".


Waveform Minibar (mod) Preferences page.

Whereas the "Waveform Seekbar" component can be modified via a context-menu, the Waveform Minibar can only be modified through foobar2000's Preferences.

Match pattern
Used for track identification. The default string uses the same waveform for all encodes of a track, therefore avoiding duplication in the waveform database.
Default pattern: $lower([%album artist%]|[%album%]|[$year(%date%)]|[$num(%discnumber%,1).][$num(%tracknumber%,2)]|%title%|[%length%])
Use custom colors
Allows the user to manually select which colors the waveform uses. The waveform uses the colors set for the active UI module if this is disabled. The Copy from UI button takes the current UI's colors and uses them as a template to populate the "Played" and "Unplayed" columns.
Set the frame rate of the panel between 5 and 60 FPS, in increments of 5.
Waveform scale
Can be set to either "Original" or "Normalize".
dB scale
Use decibels for the waveform scale.
One mouse wheel notch seeks ahead/back
Sets the behaviour for when the cursor is hovering over the UI element, either in seconds or a percentage of the track length. Both options can only be set between 5 and 60, in increments of 5.
To disable seeking when scrolling the mouse wheel, set this to "0".
Switches the direction the mouse wheel needs to turn for seeking ahead/back.
Track to prefer when showing waveform
Sets the UI element's display behaviour using one of the following three options:
Playing track
Selected track
Playing, selected when stopped
Do not revert to rendering the active track on player start
This option is only available when the above option is set to "Playing track". Enabling this option leaves the UI element blank when first opening foobar2000.
Always show cursor
Display the waveform cursor, even when stopped.
Draw window border
Draw a border around the UI element.

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