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The purpose of this guide is helping you create AAC/MP4 files the most easy and quick way possible.

Ripping from CD directly to AAC

  1. Using Apple iTunes
  2. Using CDex + Psytel AACenc or NAACenc
  3. Using EAC + Psytel AACenc or NAACenc
  4. Using KAudioCreator + FAAC

Encoding to AAC

  1. Using Apple iTunes
  2. Using Nero_AAC (or NAACenc)
  3. Using FAAC
  4. Using Psytel AACenc and Fastenc
  5. Using Sorenson Squeeze

Transcoding from other formats to AAC

(of course, conversion from lossy formats is never recommended. The idea of this guide is to help people convert from lossless formats. i.e ALAC)

  1. Using Foobar2000 + foo_neroaac
  2. Using Ahead Nero + Mausau's plugins

Wrapping AAC streams in MP4

  1. Using MP4ui
  2. Using MPEG4ip MP4creator


  1. Playing back AAC files